a documentary

This film was created with a small and passionate crew who were dedicated to this concept. And that’s how it had to be. With an on-site audio guy and a wide angle cameraman and a tight angle a cameraman and producers running around, this film would have lost its authenticity. It was important to us that there was just one person hanging back in Adam’s shadow and that that camera disappeared into the background.

Our Vision was for the charm of this film to derive from ADAM’S real and organic—rather than contrived—encounter with his surroundings.

Matt Karas

Producer/Editor/Music/Color Correction

Matt studied film theory and creative writing at Appalachian State University and North Carolina State University. He has worked in all the phases of film production, specializing in editing and postproduction. He works out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Brady Covington

Director of Photography / Producer

Brady Covington is a filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Brady was the cinematographer, editor, and producer for the feature length documentry Before We Sleep, which was centered around a community in Southwest India. His film career has taken him around the world from Philadelphia to India, Haiti, Knoxville, and finally, Los Angeles. He is currently working on several projects, including a feature length film, short films, commercials, and several music videos.

He has also been working on several reality shows including America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars .

Nicholas J. Todaro

Producer/Story Consultant

Nicholas Todaro is a comedian, writer, musician, and aspiring filmmaker living in Raleigh, North Carolina. When he is not busy with his own artistic endeavors, Nicholas applies his unique insights to creative consultation and film production.

Ryan K’wame Hinnant

Audio Engineering

Born and raised in the Carolinas, Ryan grew up with a passion for sound. While in his last year of college, Ryan embraced the opportunity to work under the tutelage of Trailblazer Studios in Raleigh, NC as a contract/freelance assistant working on audio and video postproduction. As a sound designer and audio engineer, Ryan has worked on a series of television shows, documentaries, a short film, and the recent release of The Evil Gene.

Edd Kerr


Edd is a multiinstrumentalist, composer, and producer based in Durham, NC. As a producer working from home and several regional studios, he has collaborated with Lowland Hum, The Collection, Nettles, Becca Leigh, C.F. Watkins, and many more while composing for several media companies and short film directors in the North Carolina Triad and Triangle.

Additional Music provided by: The Jaystorm Project

David Bennett, Uptone Pictures

Color Correction

Uptone is an innovative and dynamic award-winning production company that develops and produces entertainment content for a variety of media platforms. Credits include Union Bound, Box Cutter, and Don’t Pass Me By.

Surry P. Roberts, M.D.

Executive Producer

Surry, a native of Durham, North Carolina, attended The University of North Carolina School of Medicine, with further education in medicine at The University of Virginia, Medical University of South Carolina, Scripps Clinic, Medical University of The West Indies, and Auckland University in New Zealand. He retired from Medical Practice at age 43 in 1983 with decreased vision and has since been involved with a destination resort in Tennessee, Sugar Hollow Retreat; 18 Seaboard Restaurant in Raleigh; Nephos6 involved with cloud computing in Raleigh; placing historic homes on the National Register; and also cattle farming in Virginia.

He is very interested in providing support to the Montagnard refugees from Vietnam where he served with Special Forces, 1968-69. American Dream is the third film on which he has served as Executive Producer.

Neil J. Saltzman

Executive Producer

Neil is a litigation attorney based in New York, specializing in cases involving complex international issues. In addition to his work in the courtroom, Neil has been nurturing several writing and film projects which are soon to be weaned and shared with the world. American Dream is the first documentary on which Neil has served as Executive Producer.

For contributions of wit and wisdom along the way, special thanks extends to:

  • Glenn Abbey
  • Justin Ballard
  • Micah Barnett
  • Charlie Barnett
  • Dr. C. Bryce Bowling
  • Damon Butler
  • Rick Butler
  • Steven Cantor
  • Troy Carlton
  • Tara Clark
  • Madeleine Ehrlich
  • Ernesto (Cato) Estrada
  • Jon-Sesrie Goff
  • Preston Jackson
  • Hugh Franklin Johnson II
  • Bob Jolls
  • Cecelia Jolls
  • Kristan Leigh
  • Kent Lioret
  • Timmy McAleer
  • Rex Miller
  • Miroslav Mravik
  • Maria Mravikova
  • Sharon Mujica
  • Peter Natour
  • Alice Osborn
  • Erik Shepard
  • George Shepard
  • Joanie Shepard
  • Penny Simpson
  • M. Stewart-­Isaacs
  • Beau Vorous
  • Alan Young
  • Jeff Wozer